How to Install PCSX2 1.0 on Mac OS X

If you're looking to play PlayStation 2 games on your Mac, look no further!

PCSX2-CE is the easiest way to run PCSX2 on Mac OS X, and here's how to to do it:

1. Download the latest version of PCSX2-CE

PCSX2-CE is currently hosted at GameFront: download PCSX2-CE here.

Once it's downloaded, double-click the .7z archive to see all the PCSX2-CE files:

We'll let these files get comfortable while we get everything else ready.

Note: If you are unable to extract the .7z archive, download The Unarchiver from the Mac App Store.

2. Download and install the latest version of XQuartz

The download link is easy to find on the XQuartz homepage:

3. Install the PlayStation 2 Bios

Once you make a legal backup of your PS2 bios (Google how to do this), simply drop the bios files onto the "Drop PS2 bios files here" shortcut in the PCSX2-CE folder from step 1:

4. Install Dependencies

Now for the fun part! PCSX2-CE needs some other Windows programs in order to run properly, and these can't be included in the download above (sorry!).

Luckily, the process is pretty easy. Let's get to it:

4.1. Install msxml3, vcrun2010, and d3dx9_36

What is all that stuff? It makes the PCSX2 plugins work, so we definitely need them. Here's how to get them installed:

  1. Double-click the shortcut in the PCSX2-CE bundle from Step 1.
  2. In the Wineskin window that pops up, click "Advanced"
  3. In the Wineskin Advanced window, click the "Tools" tab, then click "Winetricks"
  4. In the Winetricks window, for each command below, enter it into the search bar, expand the "dlls" category, then click "Run" to install it:
    • msxml3
    • vcrun2010
    • d3dx9_36
  5. Follow each set of installation instructions, then you're done!

4.2. Install the Nvidia Cg Toolkit (Optional)

  1. Download the Nvidia Cg Toolkit from the Cg Toolkit Download page
  2. If it isn't already open, open the Winetricks application from the PCSX2-CE folder just like you did in Step 4.4.1.
  3. From either the main window or the advanced window, click "Install Software"
  4. In the "Installer" window, click "Choose Setup Executable"
  5. Select the Cg Toolkit you downloaded above
  6. Follow the installation instructions.
    • In the "Select Components" section of the installer, you can uncheck everything except for the first option. We don't need that other stuff.

Once that's installed, we're ready to game!

Double-click, and away you go!

Here's an action shot of what you have to look forward to:

What? The loading screen isn't your favourite part of playing a PlayStation 2 game on your Mac?

Further Information

For more information, find me on Twitter @ConsoleEmu or check out the PCSX2-CE forum post at the PCSX2 forums.